Style Guides

We knew the other day that the Queen of Spain, Letizia, started the International Seminar on Language and Journalism, where she stood up for style guides as the means for unifying writing criteria in order to achieve an efficient communication.… Continue Reading


The Business Situation of Freelance Translators in Spain

In general, freelance translators work with two groups of customers: direct customers, that is, the companies that directly contract our translation services, and indirect customers, that is, the translation agencies. Which one of these groups is preferable? Freelance translators usually… Continue Reading


Those Damned Typos…

Did it ever occur to you that after sending a translation to a customer, a well-developed translation for which you managed to find good solutions to its terms and concepts and of which result you feel satisfied and confident, you… Continue Reading


Working time not paid by translation agencies

I would like to talk about a delicate issue that may involve criticism of some translation companies. In general, I don’t like criticizing translation agencies as they are usually part of our clients and, as such, they provide us with… Continue Reading


Are yours “Belle Infidèle” Translations?

In France, in the seventeenth century, the trend was to perform translations that were known as “belle infidèle” translations. In that time, the classical texts were considered to be outdated for the taste of the time, so they were freely… Continue Reading


How to Cut Translation Costs in Software Development

I have worked for six software firms and in all of them the complaint was always the same: the high cost involved in translating the application and related documentation. And they were right, if a company needs to translate its… Continue Reading


Documentalists vs Technical Writers

I have worked for several Spanish software companies and one thing that always attracted my attention was that every time they needed to hire technical writers, the main recruitment criterion was to select people with a university degree in Biblioteconomía… Continue Reading