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I do translations from English into Spanish and, also, from Spanish into English. My main field of specialization is IT as I have worked for six software firms, but I have also done countless translations in other fields such as legal and commercial/marketing. In any case, since I work on a freelance basis, I have clients that send me translations on diferent fields, like art catalogues, banking or travel, to name a few. I’m quite updated on the use of the most usual computer tools used in my business today, such as TM applications like Trados Studio or Trados Workbench, which I use on a daily basis, as well as QA-based programs, such as Xbench.  The Portfolio page includes samples of translations that I have done for some of my clients.

Technical Writing

I have performed the role of technical writer in some of the companies where I worked. The documentation that I generated were user guides and training manuals, which I created using Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker, and also the online help, which I created using RoboHelp. I have written the documentation in both English, as was the case for companies like Meta4 or Minorplanet, and Spanish (Navision Software). I can generate quality contents in both languages for IT applications. Samples on some of my technical writing works available upon request.

Translation Management

If you need translations into several languages, I have also ample experience in this activity as I had to perform the translations manager role for some of the companies where I worked. Managing translations optimally involves several tasks, from finding competent translators in the corresponding area to providing them with appropriate terminology, specialized dictionaries and reliable sources for reference so they can do their job in an optimum manner or solving terminology issues that arise among translators during the translation. It is essential to maintain continuous communication with the translators throughout the entire process, providing them with clear guidelines and responding appropriately to their questions, in order to obtain the desired results. As an example, when I worked for Minorplanet I was in charge of managing the translation of the software and the online help into French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese and, in addition, to localize the UK English version into US and AUS variants.